10 people you can find at the grocery store…

  1. Mr. I Own the Isle – He often pretends that you and your giant metal cart do not exist.  It’s like a slow driver in the left lane… you want him to move without having to do/say anything.
  2. Mrs. Coupon – She will bring out her pile of coupons at the very end and talk the cashier through the process, looking at you for agreement if the cashier should make an error.
  3. Mr. Lonely – He’s strolling around with with a lost look on his face, pushing around a cart with a half gallon of milk in it and talking to all the ladies passing out samples.
  4. Mrs. Vertically Challenged- You’ll see her climbing and standing on the first shelf so she can grab hold of the box she needs.  You fear she might bring the whole shelf unit down with her.
  5. Mr. In Your Way- He seems to be standing in front of everything you need.  Did he steal your list or what?
  6. Mr. Grumpy Bagger- He puts the bread on the bottom of your bag and slams the groceries in your cart. He’s clearly mad you said paper instead of plastic.  What ever happened to bagging yourself?
  7. Mrs. WTF is she buying- You don’t want to judge, but you can’t help but stare in wonder as she unloads the squid flavored noodles and rat traps from her cart.
  8. Mr. I forgot- He gets ready to pull out his wallet and remembers he left it at home. You try to pretend you don’t know what’s going on and think to yourself, that must suck and then look in your purse to make sure you didn’t forget your money too.
  9. Mrs. I’m watching you – You can feel her eyes watching you as you self check out and then she vanishes as soon as you need your alcohol approved.
  10. Mr. Dad- He races through the store while yelling at his kids to watch his ankles as they’re pushing the cart and touching everything.