Etiquette in the office

  1. Meetings on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons should be banned.
  2. 1 spray of perfume or cologne is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t smell like poop. It should only be applied prior to coming into work, do not put on in the office.
  3. If someone has a candy dish on their desk, at least say, “Hi,” to them before taking a piece or 5.
  4. If you’re going to eat chips or carrots at your desk, please close your mouth while you chew.
  5. Don’t stand in someone else’s cubicle (while they’re working) to talk over the wall to your friend.
  6. If someone turns their chair around while you’re still talking, it is a good sign they need to get back to work and you should go.
  7. Never ask extra questions at a meeting that is running long (unless you’re the only person in the meeting).
  8. If you borrow someone’s pen, pencil, stapler, folder, etc., RETURN it.
  9. If you’re going to make microwave popcorn, please spend the 2 minutes it takes to make, watching it… NOT burn.
  10. If someone asks your co-worker a question, at least let them try to answer it before chiming in.