The little things that can make my day:

  1. Just enough coffee left for 1 cup.
  2. The cashier opens up a new line at the crowded store checkout and calls you over.
  3. Finding a pack of fruit snacks in your car console when you didn’t have time to eat breakfast.
  4. Waking up early and finding out you still have minutes, sometimes hours, until your alarm will go off.
  5. A kiss on your forehead before falling asleep.
  6. The dog searching to bring you one of their toys as you walk through the door.
  7. The best song EVER comes on the radio while stuck in traffic
  8. Finding a $20 bill (heck, even a $5 bill) in an old pair of jeans.
  9. Making a stranger smile with your, “hello”.
  10. Hearing a child’s thoughts.