What a Mom of boys yells about…

1. I sat down to use the toilet and fell in. Seat goes down!

2. Those expensive individually wrapped snacks are for school lunches. Stop eating them at home!

3. The shopping cart is not a toy or a weapon. Watch my heels!

4. The more you “adjust yourself” the more I’m going to ask, “Is everything okay? Do you need to use the bathroom?”

5. You spent more time telling me about not being able to find your 3DS, then actually looking for it. Look and then I’ll help dig in the couches with you.

6. Do not go through the garbage. You may see something that looks sparkly, tasty or an old broken toy. Leave it alone!

7. I know our dog looks like a stuffed animal, but she’s 13 and doesn’t like to be picked up and held like a baby 10 times a day. Put her down!

8. The placemat I put underneath your plate is so I don’t have to clean extra. Don’t wave it around!

9. When you don’t want to hear me say your name 20 times in a row with a sweet/stern (annoying) undertone, Go to bed on time like I ask!

10. When your brother is bothering you, stop following him around!