My running confessions…

1. Sometimes I have to paint my toenails on.
2. After running a race, I might remember a participant’s bib number and look them up later to see if I beat them.
3. If I need a walk break, I happen to take them when no-one can see me or when the camera man at a race isn’t around.
4. If a toilet is unavailable, I have no shame going pee in a bush, field or forest.
5. I might want to trip the people who are doing their “cool down” the opposite direction of a race I’m still completing.
6. I have chaffing marks that make me cry in the shower.
7. My running shorts never seem to smell like roses after they’ve been used, even after washing them over and over again.
8. I spend $2.50 for 3 tbsp of mushed up strawberry gel in a packet.
9. My favorite organized races are ones that have free beer at the end.
10. I sometimes might change my treadmill screen display to show Kilometers vs Miles when at the gym.