10 Ways To Deal With a Jerk

  1. Ignore them if possible, don’t feed their anger and hate with more anger and hate.
  2. Ask them if they’re okay?  It’s possible they are having the worst day in the world and are taking their anger out on you.
  3. Try to change the subject and redirect them to something else that isn’t making them so mad.
  4. Remember that their opinion is minuscule.  They may think their opinion is important, but they are 1 in 7 billon people.  They aren’t that important (if you choose them not to be).
  5. Try to see something good in them (example: they’re passionate about correcting people’s grammar, they’re passionate about politics, they’re passionate about debate).
  6. Don’t let them get the best of you, you are much better off being around people who are good and kind.
  7. Accept that some people are just not nice.  They may have been brought up not to care, they may have been hurt so badly in the past OR they may just be lacking empathy for others.
  8. Forgive them.  Holding a grudge against someone else is only going to hurt you in the long run.
  9. Laugh it off.
  10. Remember how the jerk made you feel and try not to treat people that same way.