10 Types of Drivers

  1. Left Lane Larry- He’s hanging out in the left lane going 10 under the limit.  There’s usually a long chain of cars behind him and cars passing by on the right with death looks on their faces.
  2. Yielding Yani- Watch out!  He doesn’t understand that yield means he has to wait for the other car(s).  He goes when and where he wants to go.
  3. Texting Teri- She is swerving and looking up and down constantly trying to text her latest post on FB.
  4. Rocking out Rick- He is having a rock concert in his car.  Handbagging, singing, maybe even the air guitar and drums.
  5. Racer Randy- He loves reving his engine at the stoplight and squealing his tires.  He’s most likely new to the road and his parents have no clue he’s going to bump up their insurance rate soon.
  6. Grandpa Grumpy-  He is 100 and he doesn’t like the way you are driving.  He will shake his head at you in disappointment when you cruise on by.
  7. Carpooling Carol- She has 100 kids in her car and you can see them bouncing all over the place.  She looks like she is going to snap any second.
  8. Ass Rider Ann- She loves to ride on peoples asses even though she’s usually not in a hurry.  She forgot everything she learned in drivers ed and doesn’t get the clue when you tap on your brakes to get her to back off.
  9. Teenager Tom- He looks like he 12 years old and stole his dad’s car for a spin.
  10. Brake light Brooke- She taps on her brake lights so much, it makes you wonder if she’s tapping her foot on the brake pedal to the music playing in her car.