I Know You Know Me – The Avoiding Eye Contact Game.

  1. All of a sudden you have to make that urgent call or text on your phone.
  2. Oh no! You forgot something and have to turn around and go back.
  3. Did your sweetie walking next to you say something? You might need stare and have a deep conversation about nothing.
  4. Oh look at that new street, store, house, anything, you better turn right here.
  5. Time to stretch the legs and bend over, you’ve been walking pretty hard.
  6. Time to adjust your shades, maybe even clean them with your shirt for awhile.
  7. Itchy eyes? Time to rub those for awhile.
  8. Achy neck? Time to role it side to side and rub it out while staring at the sky.
  9. Wow you look pretty tired! Time to make the longest yawn ever with your eyes squinted.
  10. Wait, what did you hear behind you? Keep looking back, there might just be something there.