10 Ways To Make Employees Happy

  1. Instead of giving employees a mug, polo, stuffed animal or frisbee with your company’s logo on it, give them the option of receiving a check instead.
  2. Stop having meetings about meetings.
  3. Remove bad management.
  4. Ask employees what they think before making big changes in the company.
  5. Don’t try to cover up what’s wrong.  Get everyone involved so you can brainstorm and help find solutions together.
  6. Trust employees enough to work from home (if job can be done there).
  7. Don’t make them sit in a box all day and if you do, allow them to decorate it how they want (minus anything ridiculously offensive).
  8. Don’t make them dress up (even business casual) if they don’t see customers. Clothes aren’t going to make them better employees or people.
  9. Give employees feedback, not just during mid-year or year-end reviews.
  10. Try calling employees by their name, “This is Jane and she does this.”  “This is Jane and she is a co-worker of mine.”  “This is Jane and she will help you.” Avoid using the word, “Your” or “My” before their name or title, you don’t own them.