10 People You Can Find At the Gym

  1. Mr. Mirror- He can’t stop looking at himself while he flexes his muscles in the mirror.
  2. Mr. Creepy Eyes- He can usually be found right behind the treadmills or ellipticals watching the women’s butts instead of the 10 TV screens across the ceiling.
  3. Mrs. Chatty Kathy- She loves to talk forever to anyone, about everything. You don’t understand how she gets anything done, or does she?
  4. Mr. Competition- He keeps looking at your speed on the treadmill and how much weight you’re bench pressing, then tries to one up you.
  5. Mrs. Fitness Queen- At least that’s what she looks like in her designer tights and sports bra. She stretches for about 45 minutes and then exercises for 5. It’s no wonder she looks so great during her “workout”.
  6. Mrs. Needs A Cheeseburger- She’s looks so lean you want to force her to eat a cheeseburger. Even though she looks like she’s going to break in half, she can run you off the track and kill you on the bike.
  7. Mr. It’s My Machine- He’s always on the machine you want to use and seems to take forever.
  8. Mr. Onions- Either the onions he had on his burger last night are seeping through his sweat or he forgot to put on deodorant.
  9. Mr. Noisy Lifter- It sounds like he’s pushing out a big poop in the corner of the gym, right before he drops his bar bell to the floor.
  10. Mrs. I know You From Somewhere- You see her and swear you know her, but without makeup and regular clothes it sometimes is impossible to place the face.