My 10 Different Smiles

  1. The Painful smile – I have been smiling so long that my face hurts.
  2. The Hurry Up smile – I really have to leave, maybe this awkward big smile will give you a cue?
  3. The Nervous smile – “I’m not so sure this is a good idea.”
  4. The Sarcastic smile – “Sure, I believe you.”
  5. The Excited smile – “Oh my goodness I can’t wait!”
  6. The Drunk smile – I feel so happy and don’t really care right now.
  7. The Scary smile – “Come here son, I need to talk to you about the call I got from your teacher today”.
  8. The Real smile – nothing hidden behind this.
  9. The Curtesy smile – I’m going to just be nice and smile while I pretend to listen.
  10. The Confused smile – Are you on drugs, what the heck are you talking about?