10 Reasons Why I’m Pissed at you. Sincerely, The Dog.

  1. You said the word, “walk” and you never took me, you tease!!
  2. I smelled the other bitches on your clothes.  What were their names?
  3. You put those stupid boots on my feet and laughed at me.
  4. You stole the bacon I was about to eat off the floor and ate it yourself.  How rude!
  5. You yelled at me for scooting, I itch dammit!
  6. You hid drugs from that Doctor in my special treat.
  7. You told me not to kiss or “hug” others.
  8. You gave me a bath with that smelly cold slime.
  9. You let those kids who talk all weird and try to pick me up all the time, in the house again.
  10. You took the Kleenex in the garbage can away from me again.