10 Different Types of LOLs

  1. The Genuine LOL – “LOL, I’m dying laughing over here.”
  2. The Pity LOL – “That was funny, LOL.” What are you doing tomorrow?”
  3. The Uncertain LOL – “Are you serious? LOL”
  4. The Passive Agressive LOL – “Go ahead, do your project, I’m used to being the maid around here LOL”
  5. The Testing things out LOL – “You aren’t mad at me LOL are you?”
  6. The I’m trying to Impress you LOL – “You are so funny, LOL!  We should hang out tonight.”
  7. The why is there an LOL – “I had the best day ever, could get used to this LOL. How was your day.”
  8. The scared LOL – “Where are you? I’m freaking out like usual. LOL”
  9. The drunk LOL – “I Cant’ brlibev I texted him LOL hahah”
  10. The Accident Auto-spell LOL – “I LOL you”