10 Different Types of Co-Workers

  1. The Brown-noser: They will be running around asking if anyone has salt or pepper for the boss.
  2. The Old-timer:  They will tell you how things used to be done A LOT.  You will see a panicked look on their faces whenever they have to learn how to do something new on the computer.
  3. The Are They Stoned?:  They don’t get worked up by anything.  They come in, take their time and always make sure to leave on time.  Sometimes you wonder what happy drug they are taking and if you could get some.
  4. The Perpetual Complainer:  They are always talking about how bad the job and employees are.  You ask them why they are still working there and they will take it as you not supporting them.
  5. The Emotional Wreck:  They cry almost every other day.  Sometimes it’s happy tears other times it’s sad tears.  You feel like you’re watching a Hallmark movie when you’re around them.
  6. The It’s All About Me:  Perception and looking great is everything to them.  They love giving themselves nicknames, like “The Bulldog” or “The Determined”.  Their goal is to rise to the top of that ladder and they figure out a way to use people to get there.
  7. The Social Committee Leader:  It’s coloring time, it’s pizza time, it’s game time.  They make you want to scream when you’re behind on your work and they’ve talked your boss into having a mandatory Lets Make Our Own Sundaes event in the cafeteria.
  8. The Psychologist:  They always have people coming up to them to tell them their problems.  Sometimes you gotta wonder if they’re writing a book on everyone’s drama.
  9. The Loud One:  Whether it’s eating potato chips or talking on the phone, you are desperately looking for your headphones and wondering if you’re the only one that is hearing this.
  10. The Rambler:  They don’t stop talking and don’t know how to take social cues…such as turning around when they are talking or walking away.  You feel bad sometimes, but if you don’t cut them off they’ll never stop.