10 Ways To Help A Child With Anxiety

1. Talk calmly

2. Don’t tell them to “calm down”, they know they need to.

3. Ask them to explain their feelings.

4. Let them know that they aren’t alone, share a past example of your own (if you have one).

5. Ask them to step away from the situation with you. Chances are they are embarrassed or feeling watched if others are around.

6. Tell them that you care and want them to feel good.

7. Tell them that anxiety can be scary, but they are so strong that they can beat it.

8. Give them a hug if they let you.

9. Take their mind off the worry, by telling a joke or making them smile.

10. Understand that anxiety is not a choice, children don’t just decide they want to have a high level of worry all of a sudden. It can be extremely scary for children because they don’t know where it’s coming from.