Warning! 10 signs I’m in Bitch-Mode

  1. I get mad when someone says they started the washing machine or dishwasher for me. Don’t they understand, that’s the EASY part?  They pressed a few buttons and started a chore for me, that’s what they did.
  2. I scream out loud, “YOU’RE WELCOME” or “HELLO” if someone doesn’t say thank you or acknowledge my greeting.
  3. I want to cry when I find the dryer full of wrinkled shirts and pants.
  4. I want to yell at the people in the grocery store that stand in the middle of the isle pretending no one else is there.
  5. I have to restrain from slamming on my car brakes to scare the person riding my ass.
  6. The sound of a fork or spoon scrapping against a bowl or plate makes me want to rip my hair out.
  7. I want to scream when my husband drinks all my soda and leaves me just a sip.  I don’t want a sip, I’d rather you drink the whole thing.  That sip is just an insult.
  8. I get mad at the person ordering their venti extra foam, extra hot, 3 pump, soy milk, espresso latte, from Starbucks.  Really? Do you think your drink is really that cool with all those extra words? Probably tastes like shit.
  9. I start questioning my husband and kids why nothing is ever put away or cleaned by anyone but me?
  10. I start complaining about posts on Facebook, wanting to take them to jail for lying.