10 Ways To Embarrass Yourself

  1. Apologize to your neighbor if they saw you walking around in the house naked the other day.
  2. Walk around with an XS clothing size sticker on your boob.
  3. Go to a Yoga Class and accidentally let one go.
  4. Pretend to talk about something you know nothing about (ie. football, sports, politics).
  5. Post a selfie and/or express your thoughts on Facebook when you’re drunk.
  6. Tell the Starbucks Barista you don’t want a french “grande” coffee, you just want a medium coffee.
  7. Wear your bicycle helmet backwards.
  8. Take someones larger stomach for pregnancy and ask when the baby is due.
  9. Sing out loud to songs you only know half of the lyrics to.
  10. Accidentally say, “I love you” to a customer at work when hanging up the phone.