10 Things To Remember When Things Are At Their Worst

  1. What you are feeling right now is only temporary.  Feelings are never permanent.
  2. It’s okay to cry, get it out by yourself or with someone you trust.
  3. You are stronger than you think.
  4. One day you will look back at this moment and forget how bad it made you feel.
  5. There will always be people in worse situations than you, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t hurting.  What you need to remember is that you’re not alone.
  6. There are people, even pets (if you have them) that need you.
  7. Imagine a time when you overcame a difficult point in your life, remember that you recovered, this proves you are able to get over difficult times.
  8. Accept that you can’t change the past and can’t go back to do things differently.
  9. Accept that you are in charge of the present and how you move forward.
  10. Love yourself, it sounds corny, but if you fail to love who you are, you will feel even more alone.  You need You.