10 Ways to Show Your Kids You Care

  1. Put the phone down and listen when they talk to you, even if it’s about a silly cartoon or a new cereal they want to try.  Listening and showing attentiveness helps build their confidence.  It also helps them develop good listening skills for others.
  2. Write them a note or make a drawing for them.
  3. Tuck them in at night time.
  4. Go to a movie or out to eat together, just you and the kid(s).
  5. Attend their school or sporting events, even if it’s for a little bit.
  6. Keep a bin of their old school projects
  7. Talk soft and calm when they are scared or anxious
  8. Share stories about your childhood, this can help them relate more to you.
  9. Share stories about your adulthood, this can help them feel trusted & important.
  10. Gifts, money, vacations are nice, but your time is the most valuable & special thing you can give.