10 Tips To Being Happier At Work

1. Make sure to always take your lunch break. Having that time to yourself or away from work can help you “reset” and have a new mindset.
2. Bring pictures of people or things that make you happy.  Put them on your desk or somewhere where you can look at them.
3. Remember why you’re working; to pay bills, to save for school, etc. Sometimes just thinking of work as “just a paycheck” can help it become less personal.
4. Stay away from gossip.
5. Leave work at the door, it’s important to separate work from your personal life.
6. Don’t be afraid to ask for new assignments, tasks or projects to work on if you’re getting bored or not feeling challenged enough.
7. Help another employee out, you’ll feel good about yourself.
8. Recommend or plan a food day.
9. Try putting a basket of candy at your desk.  You’ll bring smiles to peoples faces and maybe create some new friendships.  Warning- not for those who hate distractions.
10. Try to stay away from the complainers, they are toxic and can bring you down without you even knowing it.