10 Ways To Get Your Shit Together (around the house).

  1. DECLUTTER!  Get rid of things you don’t need or use.
  2. Invest in storage bins. They come in multiple shapes and sizes.
    • Small size for your pantry
    • Medium size for your closet
    • Large size for your garage and basement
  3. Keep a calendar in your kitchen, don’t just rely on your phone.
  4.  Hang your shirts, it becomes easier to put laundry away & helps keep them from getting wrinkled.
  5. Use folders & a filing cabinet.  Make sure to label the folders so you can easily find your documents.
  6. Invest in a key hook to put right by the door.
  7. Toss anything you can do online (yellow pages, coupon cutting, bill paying).
  8. If you hate doing the wash, try washing types of clothing separately
    • Example: All tops together, all underware/towels together, all pants together.  It makes putting things away easier and less stressful.
  9. Invest in shoe racks and sweater hangers.
  10. Keep up with the work and always put things back in the same place.