10 Ways To Get Over Your Social Anxiety

  1. Start realizing that your thoughts are not factual
  2. Think about all the positive things that you want to happen by going to a social event (ie. learn something new about someone, see a great performance, appreciate the scenery).
  3. Understand that your self-esteem is triggering your negative thoughts and work on it.
  4. Take deep breaths and feel free to walk around and observe.
  5. Accept that you will have nervous twitches, this is just your body preparing for the danger you have made social situations out to be.
  6. Understand that NO ONE is perfect.  They feel pain, get sad, have problems just like everyone else.
  7. Tell your loved ones what it feels like, so they can support you when you are having anxiety.
  8. Don’t force yourself into all social situations, especially if you aren’t able to be somewhat positive.  If you go into the situation being negative and it ends up turning into another bad experience, it will only validate your reason for avoiding social events in the first place.
  9. It’s okay to have awkward pauses.  You’re not the only one who is creating them, it takes more than one.
  10. Don’t give up.  It’s hard to get out of a pattern of fear, but know that it’s a treatable disorder and you will get there, whether on your own or through therapy.